Oslob Tours ( The Best in South of Cebu, Philippines )

Oslob tours Philippines Cebu, When you visit the beautiful queen city of the south, Cebu City you might ask, Where can we go for the nearest and best adventure for the family or for the barkadas. And surely the first suggestion that you will get from the locals here is head of South and visit the beautiful place called Oslob. Continue reading “Oslob Tours ( The Best in South of Cebu, Philippines )”


Kawasan Canyoneering Adventure Survival Guide

Kawasan Falls Canyoneering is one of the most daring and exciting adventure not only here in Cebu but for the entire Philippines. Kawasan falls is surrounded with breath taking and beautiful scenery and has a very challenging course ( trekking and waterfalls jumping ). Completing the activity ( kawasan canyoneering ) is quite an accomplishment for the adventurous ones. Continue reading “Kawasan Canyoneering Adventure Survival Guide”

6 Days and 5 Nights Ultimate Cebu and Bohol Affordable Tour Package for the Summer

6 Days and 5 Nights of Cebu Bohol Tours, full of fun and excitement for the barkadas and the whole family. Travel to South of Cebu to swim with the Oslob whale sharks, white sand beach swimming, Canyoning in the great Kawasan Falls, also travel into the heart of Cebu City to visit historical and famous Cebu landmarks. Then you will also head down to Bohol to visit the friendly Tarsier, the majestic Chocolate Hills and a Free Lunch Buffet as you cruise down Loboc River and more. You will also tour the beautiful island of Pescador and Malapscua and enjoy the whitest of sand and crystal clear beaches, not to mention encounters with the Turtles and others. A complete memorable vacation package for the family or for the barkadas. Affordable rate and easy booking. Just visit our home page at http://cebuboholtraveltours.com/6days-5nights-cebu-bohol-ultimate-tour-package/ Continue reading “6 Days and 5 Nights Ultimate Cebu and Bohol Affordable Tour Package for the Summer”

Super blue blood moon – Jan 31, 2018

A rare confluence of celestial events will bring what NASA terms a “super blue blood moon” to the skies on 31 January 2018.

On 31 January 2018, the final installment of what National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has billed as a “supermoon trilogy” will grace our skies. If an event’s impact is measured solely by its lack of statistical probability, this one is to be a doozy.

Continue reading “Super blue blood moon – Jan 31, 2018”

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